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Since 2002/9/22 - 2006/5/26
Pentium!!!-S 1.4G Dual on P3DRE2002/9/22 - 2003/7/18
The double adaptor "MS6905Master + PL-370/T" succeeded in running Dual Pentium!!!-S 1.4G on P3Dxx.

  1. Introduction
  2. Experiment
  3. Analysis & Modification

I checked other Version. As expected, the construction of DATA was like Version 1.0A which analyzed. I modifyed with same way, All Version (Ver1.0, Ver1.0A, Ver1.2) had been able to run Tualatin-Core.

Then, I checked the DATA construction of P3DMx's BIOS of beta version which was downloaded from SuperMicro's FTP site, the construction was like P3DRx's.
Probably, The BIOS of P3DMx is modifiable by same way.

Caution:Now, Various versions of PL-370 have appeared on the market. But, PL-370/T-Rev2 cannot become Dual-CPU.
(I am checking only PL-370/T Rev1.0.)

Caution:"Tualatin-Core + PL-370/T" can not start the computer regardless of modification when JP5(HOST BUS ECC) on P3DRx is closed.

EMethod of P3DRx's BIOS modification(Be careful!!
If your MotherBoard other than P3Dxx have AMI-BIOS, useing Tualatin-Core may be possible by BIOS-Modification.
But, This way is impossible when before modification your MotherBoard is not able to use Coppermine-Core.

EModified BIOS Download2002/12/3 ( Be careful!
The modification was hard. And, Because Many reasons were obstructing modification of BIOS of P3DRx, Differential file of modified BIOS was exhibited. Be careful of needing original BIOS.

EThe troubled characteristic of PL-370/T2003/7/18
PL-370/T may not be able to output right VID & BSEL by the troubled characteristic.

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